never took rogan as a hack before...

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never took rogan as a hack before...

Post by ben ttech »

but damn joe,
just goes to show a billion dollars doesnt go as far as it used to.

seriously to point,
rogan does his homework,

for him to take such a fool tact shows he didnt do his homework.
im kidding,

hes knows its crap,

"""While calling it a “fact” that the federal government utilized “agent provocateurs” on Jan. 6 while citing Epps, he also asserted that he still doesn’t know if Epps was actually working with the FBI. Instead, he was merely asking questions and noting other people seemed to believe that Epps was an undercover agent."""

your a real pig joe,
though you were above it DESPITE your adds forcing me way off your shit,

search a particular interview im interested in but damn this is below even my distaste...
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never took rogan as a hack before...

Post by smokebreaks »

Some of those who work forces, are the same that burn crosses

You know the way this whole game gets played Ben!

He’s just pandering to a fervent base of machismo over intellect which is you know his audience. Kinda the audience attracted to Dave Portnoy and his “Barstool Sports” or the ones boycotting bud light but will still be swallowing a Busch light.

And let’s face it buddy, I mean it ain’t like we haven’t had a bit of a history in leading the masses to do dumb shit

I’m sure there were certain elements of the Jan 6 coup orchestration that were overlooked in the run up to that fateful day.

Far beyond Trump saying come on down to the capitol
or even oh say Ginny Thomas giving largess for those special interest groups that were booking buses for the excursion?

They already knew there were weapons galore with the stash brought to light by the Oath Keepers trials. NSA knows it all. We all know that many of them right wingers wearing the badge themselves
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never took rogan as a hack before...

Post by roller24 »

I don't watch Rogan, but I can fill some blanks in about Epps.
Odd you should mention the Oath Keepers as the villians. There were less than 2 dozen O-Ks at the jan 6 event. ... 56941.html
Ray Epps was a founding member of the Oath Keepers and held the position as President of the Arizona chapter.
(I'm sure you didn't hear that part. Or did you?)
Considering that the FBI had at least 7 agents working inside the Proud Boys, I would say it is safe to assume that they also had UCs in the O-Ks.
Ray Epps was more "prosecutable" than many that actually were sent to prison.
Why was he untouched?
I could find no articles indicating that he ever left the OKs.
Yet all articles about J6 seem to leave out Epps connection to the OKs. ... pers-case/

This one omission is enough for me to know fuck well that we ain't getting the truth.
Yet very dismissive libs don't want to acknowledge any other possibility other than a Trump inspired insurrection.

If Trump had told his base to take the capital, they would still be there.


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never took rogan as a hack before...

Post by Butcher Bob »

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