list of banned songs following 9/11

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kid stuff

Post by Munchy »

i personally banned all radio stations from my life well over 40 years ago.
do they have any redeeming qualities? ...i doubt it.
are any of those songs banned from youtube?
if any are, it's likely due to a copyright holder request.
i realize that youtube can be quite oppressive in certain ways,
such as de-monetizing any discussion mentioning cannabis
but they do seem to have any song I can think of, free on demand :wink:
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list of banned songs following 9/11

Post by Lrus007 »

rSin wrote:
Fri Feb 10, 2023 9:59 am
jeezus christ that exhaustive!!!
where did you find that?

got me trying to think of the ones that slipped throught the cracks
is quite the list
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list of banned songs following 9/11

Post by rSin »

we got clear channel curtesy of one of clintons big sell outs...
through the late 80's and early 90's i used to like the different stations youd get driving cross country but that was gone but 2000
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