30 day cold shower challenge !!!

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30 day cold shower challenge !!!

Post by dill786 »

I am still pushing reps almost every day, loading up on the weights as i am getting stronger, and mixing up my exercises so my body doesn't get used to doing the same exercises.. watching what i eat too, out with the sugar and huge amounts of carbs,

i had a routine checkup at the hospital (BUPA) part of my company's benefits for its workers, had my Triglyceride levels checked and it was 0.9 any readings above 1.7 is high so mine was excellent, my cholesterol level is 4.0 anything above 5.0 is high and your chances of getting heart issues increase so mine was very good in fact nearly 40% of the UK have readings well above 5.0, my blood pressure on that day was 122/78 which was excellent...

i don't miss the cigs at all, but sometimes i do miss getting high

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