in da mix

Shrooms and related goodies

in da mix

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May it be a smooth one...... enjoy!

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in da mix

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its funny
sometimes I think im 'all that' in regard to this
but then other times I remember the physical stress alone that goes along
and think 'man mabe im retired'
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in da mix

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Great therapeutic session

A nice little breakthrough

Its so damn fukkin sweet seeing your loved one actually really tripping for kind of the first time with the best possible set and setting, tho she had several times acid with the wrong people and the worst setting possible


Those mushys worked their way, inside out and opened up some closed and hidden doors and rolled out an avalanche she wasn't really prepared for , but those little mycelium buggers made an awesome 180 anti bad trip curve , into the only
possible way out, no shitting, i was kind of honored to be witnessing this absolute magical transformation that happened and even more so today once a door is opened it can't be closed ever, that's so fukking awesome and unbelievable, can't be put into words



Even more than ever


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