Jack Herer Charities

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Jack Herer Charities

Post by earth »

Hope that everyone who is able is going to be supporting this charity and able to help out, if you know of any sites running any charities, please post a link and/or details here for us all.

We are starting one up at CW with the support and sponsorship of RedEye Seeds and the GSC with lots of our reserve stock and inventory being made available with 100% of all proceeds going to Jack's wife with free S&H and those who have a reputation of honor, can send funds directly to the family and be guaranteed their items sent accordingly....will update thread later with more details, as RedEye is in the process of contacting the family and making arrangements and offering our condolences, to the widow of the legend!

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Jack Herer Charities

Post by Munchy »

i wouldn't have guessed she'd be low on funds... is she really needy?
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Jack Herer Charities

Post by earth »

Munchy wrote:i wouldn't have guessed she'd be low on funds... is she really needy?
not sure Munchy about that part, or if it really does matter, as it does to some extent aind how much, well, tbh, just not to sure, as our intentions is to help and show our condolences, and if you are or have something to suggest or discuss that, might incline us to reconsider otherwise or a better way to help, let us know, as there are many ways for us all to help each other and those especially who have helped us and Jack Herer helped many, myself included, in many ways, some we may not fully be aware of...so trusting that his wife, someone I do not know at all, is being questioned, as far as need goes, is of interest.

Here is a list of what CW is donating and contributing and will go into details on how you can donate, as these items are going to be auctioned off, with 100% going to the cause, with free S&H and freebies included, and if munchy or a staff member here is willing to verify that a member is honorable and will send funds directly to the recipient, we will be glad and more than willing and happy to insure those will get their beans a.s.a.p. (2 weeks or less), as DOD, donation on delivery is more than welcome, as trust and karma we all know and love and if someone did ever stiff the charity, has to look themselves in the mirror, just as we all do.

Munchy, if you know of some other causes that may need some help, please let us know, Eddy Lepp is the other and all of these items can be designated by donor to have their funds go to either and again, if your reputation is one of honor and integrity, here or any other site, we will accept your word and honor it.

earth wrote: These items will be listed on the auction next week for everyone's consideration., with some other items available from redeye seeds as well, not listed here...

these are 10 seeds or less packs and our complete list of reserve inventory.
Killa queen f2
crystal f2
Afghan special X apollo 11 f3
Lemon larry og kush X bubbilicous
gws x berrybolt
banana og x ubc chemo
misty x purple power plant
priests hammer x pope dope
cheesey chunk x ubc chemo
lui x la confidential
oaxacan landrace ibl
nebua f2
afghan special f2
pope dope
panama punch (6)
george yung hybrid
double stone
cheesey chunk
carl ives (9)
pink kush x ak47
smilin sweet
celtic berry
chem x sd x blue
apollo 11 heavenly genius pheno
blue devil
apollo 11 ice princess pheno
papaya f2
grapefruit bx1 f4
blockhead x ubc chemo
strawberry diesel/hp x la confidential
iss x nl5
gws x jacks cleaner
molokai frost
chem haze sour d x la confidential
bubba kush
Here is the rest of our stock....these are seed counts,not pack and will be available accordingly so...

Blue devil-------------------------------------------------------------------------40
Legends ultimate indica X La Confidential--------------------------------10
White dwarf fem---------------------------------------------------------------25
Mekong haze--------------------------------------------------------------------25
Chem haze sour d X la confidential-----------------------------------------05
Nebula F3-----------------------------------------------------------------------35
Afghan special------------------------------------------------------------------06
Strawberry diesel/Hp X La Confidential----------------------------------12
Carl ives--------------------------------------------------------------------------20
Misty X purple power plant--------------------------------------------------62
Pope dope X Priests hammer------------------------------------------------15
Mikado hybrid------------------------------------------------------------------37
Bubba Kush---------------------------------------------------------------------81
Hobo original-------------------------------------------------------------------43
Cheesey chunk F2--------------------------------------------------------------67
Nebula X llogk-----------------------------------------------------------------130
Smilin Sweet--------------------------------------------------------------------40
Toxic blue----------------------------------------------------------------------200
Herijuana F2-------------------------------------------------------------------250
Bubilicous X Lemon larry og kush----------------------------------------350
Lions paw-----------------------------------------------------------------------20
Mango hybrid------------------------------------------------------------------22
Durg X Nl5----------------------------------------------------------------------15
Crystal F2-----------------------------------------------------------------------11
Banana og X Ubc chemo-----------------------------------------------------22
Cheesey Chunk X Ubc chemo--------------------------------------------17
Iss X Nl5---------------------------------------------------------------------16
George yung hybrid-------------------------------------------------------24
Molokai Frost--------------------------------------------------------------34
Papaya F2------------------------------------------------------------------10
Magilla Gorilla-------------------------------------------------------------07
Pope Dope-----------------------------------------------------------------10

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