Revised TOU

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Revised TOU

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Board-Wide Rules

1.) There will be no posting of any member's personal details under any circumstances.
2.) Threats of violence real or implied will not be tolerated under any circumstances.
3.) No material of any sexual nature involving anyone under the age of 18 will be tolerated under any circumstances.

Any breach of any of these 3 rules will result in the offending material being edited by Admin and the offending handle will be permanently frozen. No exceptions. Compost Pile and No-Holds-Barred Politics will only be moderated in the event of a breach of these rules.


This site does not endorse any commercial venture and will not allow the spamming of them either. Offending members will be asked to remove links and if the request is not obliged, Admin reserves the right to either place the member in a group that requires post approval or freezing of posting privileges altogether.

Social and Grow Forums

Trolling in the social and grow forums is not allowed. Deliberately trollish posts as well as bait will be split and placed in the Compost Pile. Sigline trolling is not allowed. Repeat offenders (trolling and baiting) will be dealt with on an individual basis and possible outcomes may include, but not be limited to, confining of handle to Compost Pile for a period of time determined appropriate by the Admin team or freezing of posting privileges.

Distribution Prohibited

Use of this site, by any manner, to distribute unlawful substances or items is STRICTLY prohibited. This includes all forums and private message feature. We do not monitor content in the private areas, but will remove the feature in response to any reports of unlawful use.
Users should never keep sensitive information in the PM area. Beginning in January 2016, Private messages older than 7 days will be pruned to insure security of this site, and the site administration.

Admin reserves the right to amend this TOU at any time.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone at any time for whatever reason we choose.

Your use of this system is subject to these terms and conditions and may change at any time with or without prior notice at administration's sole discretion.

You agree to hold harmless, it's officers, agents, and staff for any and all repercussions that may arise subject to your use of our community forums.
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