CC(socialist)P rewriting the bible for mass consumption...

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CC(socialist)P rewriting the bible for mass consumption...

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As part of a push to "sinicize" religion, the Chinese Communist Party has embarked on a 10-year project to rewrite the Bible and other religious texts.

In the Gospel of John, Jesus famously confronts the accusers a woman caught committing adultery, saying "let the one among you who is guiltless be the first to throw a stone at her."

The chastened accusers slink away and Jesus says to the woman, "‘Has no one condemned you?' 'No one, sir,' she replied. 'Neither do I condemn you,' said Jesus. 'Go away, and from this moment sin no more.'"

A beautiful story of forgiveness and mercy.

Unless you’re a CCP official. Then it's a story of a dissident challenging the authority of the state. A possible sneak preview of what a Bible with socialist characteristics might look like appeared in a Chinese university textbook in 2020. The rewritten Gospel of John excerpt ends, not with mercy, but with Jesus himself stoning the adulterous woman to death.

Across Henan province, local CCP officials forced Protestant churches to replace the Ten Commandments with Xi Jinping quotes. "Thou shalt have no other gods before Me," became diktats like: "Resolutely guard against the infiltration of Western ideology."

the article goes on ... 63cf&ei=19

you know the first generation of modern homeschool their grandparents now. the third generation in that line is just now sitting down to learn its bible verses. a little math and spelling thrown in along with their wet blanked on evolution and health and climate crisis.

these families are the ones you see front row crazies anywhere maga congregates
anywhere the proud boy do too...

you think those grandkids and their wont flee a wrecked nations for the prosperity in china and will think that 'new' bible isnt the way that fucking book should be read?

they all growing up on that Goddamned 'left behind' series,
nothing but murder and war porn

that shit gets read in sunday school getting all excited about 'when' the gloves get to come off

generations of parents out to fucking lunch...
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