Infectious Pathogen

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Infectious Pathogen

Post by roller24 » ... 9d893&ei=9
Ahop-latent viroid (HLVd), an infectious pathogen, is devastating cannabis farms in California by infiltrating plants and ruining entire crops just before they’re ready for harvest.

By causing a 30% reduction in plant weight, HLVd destroys THC production, clearly a devastating financial loss for growers. First identified in 2019, it has since infected around 90% of California's cannabis crops, posing a global threat to the entire industry.

To combat the spread of HLVd, a Bay Area startup Purple City Labs, reports SFGATE, has developed an on-site test that claims to deliver results within hours. The test is thought to surpass current methods that involve sending samples to labs and then waiting days or weeks. By swiftly identifying infected plants, this testing approach could help slow the pathogen's spread, says Luke Horst, director of business development for Purple City Genetics.
Strange note:
The article says it's infectious and then later says that it resided asymptomatically in the mother plants, so all cuttings were affected.
So is this an foreign pathogen which invades the crop, or is it organically spurned by denying the mother to be seeded?

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Infectious Pathogen

Post by Lrus007 »

i read it sounds like bad clones.
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