Feminized Seed / Clone Seed

All name brand info and homemade how-to's welcome
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Feminized Seed / Clone Seed

Post by bio-engineering »

I found this topic on < site url removed >

Does this guy even know what clone seeds are?

This is what he says on the website about clone seeds.

Clone Seed Characteristics:

Clone Seeds are awesome.

Clone Seeds are 99.9%+ female.

Clone Seeds won’t hermaphrodite.

Clone Seeds have tap roots.

Clone Seeds remember exactly what they are as well as what they are capable of becoming.

Clone Seeds must start with a single feminine Mother and a single feminine Pollen Donor.

Only females that remain 100% feminine throughout a stressful life cycle of testing should be cloned and used for breeding parents.

Once we select parents for our seeds, we want to avoid stress because under stressful conditions she will attempt to pass on masculine characteristics to her seeds, causing potential males and hermaphrodites.

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Feminized Seed / Clone Seed

Post by Munchy »

Welcome to MyPlanetGanja!
While this is an interesting topic, and it is open for discussion here,
the site url has been removed from your post.
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Feminized Seed / Clone Seed

Post by Lrus007 »

i did some reading i saved this.
Had a couple requests for how we make our Silver thiosulfate solution and its pretty simple..

For anyone who wants female seeds..

This is the only way to guarentee full on male flowers. Colloidal silver generators are just "okay"....

What you need to do is prepare a silver thiosulfate solution. This kills colloidal silver generators and we are looking for success the first time up... So, that in mind...

First, you need to get the supplies.. Purchase a small quantity of Silver nitrate and Sodium thiosulfate on ebay or somewhere.. (you are talking like 20bucks total)

.1 Grams silver nitrate
.5 Grams sodium thiosulfate

First, mix .1g of silver nitrate into 100ml distilled water, stir for about 30 seconds.
Next, mix the .5 Grams Na2S2o3 into 100m distilled water, also stir for about 30sec-1 minute...

Next mix the solutions by pouring the Silver nitrate into the sodium thiosulfate solution while stirring..

After you are done stirring, add this to 1000ml of distilled water..

Voila! Spray your plants once at the beginning of bloom, with follow ups once each week until you see male flowers, this will work.. Some strains take some coaxing lol.....

Be sure to cover the base, you don't wanna feed them this hydroponically, I promise..

I like to do this before lights out so the light doesnt neutralize the solutions effectiveness, not sure its really an issue or not, but you get the idea.. Silver nitrate doesnt like light...
so that is how you do it. i have seen pre mixed on ebay before.
enjoy :smoke:
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Feminized Seed / Clone Seed

Post by ripper5 »

Good article... :rollitiup:

The Secret Sex Lives of Feminized Seeds
Written By Stewart Maxwell
https://www.elevatedbotanist.com/physio ... ized-seeds

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