things in a box...

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things in a box...

Post by rSin »

way back when i was hiking alot
mostly off trail

i got my talents in line with what i was seeing in boulders
started hammering copper wire into men the size that the rocks i was looking at looked like cliffs

mabe i should have taken pictures but this was my time

once i was visiting a spot i really liked
set me pack down and walked around

and when i got back to my pack
a rattlesnake had decided to camp out on it

big guy

waited a good hour for him to move on

the two copper guys i made were there for over 20 years before someone decided to take them

kinda hurts but i made alot of them much further away from trails and some are still there

those ones lost are in a box somewhere most likely
one step away from the trash

i believe they enjoyed the freedom of living outside as long as they did

i sure need it...
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