forbidden archeology

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forbidden archeology

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Archaeologists Map Nearly 500 Mesoamerican Sites and See Distinct Design Patterns
A sweeping survey of ancient settlements offers new clues to pre-Columbian life in Mexico.

Archaeologists created 3D maps of more than 30,000 square miles of precolonial settlements in what is today Mexico, revealing never-before-seen details of how sites were designed and their apparent connections to the ancient Mesoamerican calendar.

The 478 sites included in the new research were inhabited from around 1400 BCE to 1000 CE, and the way they were constructed appears to be linked to cosmologies important to the communities that lived there. Settlements that align with nearby mountain peaks or the Sun’s arc across the sky suggest there may have been symbolic importance to the orientation of the architecture.

The team categorized the sites into five distinct types of architectural arrangement, which they think might correspond to different time periods and indicate more egalitarian societies. All the sites had rectangular or square features, which the archaeologists say may have been inspired by the famous Olmec site of San Lorenzo, which had a central rectangular space that was likely used as a public plaza. The team’s survey and analysis were published today in Nature Human Behavior. ... 1847928540 ...
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