what is god afraid...

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what is god afraid...

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God is afraid.... of Wikipedia.
What a see through chameleon:

A0 Creator (not a god)
A100—A199. The gods in general
A101. Supreme God
A104. The Making of the Gods
A107. Gods of Darkness and Light (darkness thought of as evil and light as good).
A109.1. Triple deity
A116. Triplet gods
A111.1. Mother of the gods
A111.2. Father of the Gods
A117.5. Gods as spirits of the deified dead
A131. Gods with animal features
A132.3. Equine god / goddess
A132.5. Bear god / goddess
A132.9. Cattle god / goddess
A161.2. King of the Gods
A177.1. Gods as Dupe or Tricksters
A192. Death or departure of the gods
A193. Resurrection of gods
A200—A299. Gods of the Upper World
A210. Gods of the Sky
A220. Gods of the Sun
A240. Gods of the Moon
A250. Gods of the Stars
A260. Gods of Light
A270. Gods of the Dawn
A280. Gods of the Weather
A281. Gods of Storms
A282. Gods of the Wind
A284. Gods of Thunder
A287. Gods of Rain
A300—A399. Gods of the Underworld
A310. God of the World of the Dead
A311. Conductor of the Dead
A400—A499. Gods of the Earth (The Human Sphere)
A400. Gods of the Earth
A401. Mother Earth
A405. Gods of Nature
A410. Local Gods
A411. Gods of the Hearth and Household
A415. Gods of Clans or Nations
A420. Gods of Water
A430. Gods of Vegetation
A431. Gods of Fertility
A435. Gods of Trees and Forests
A440. Gods of Animals
A450. Gods of Trades and Professions
A451. Artisan Gods
A452. Gods of Hunting
A454. Gods of Healing
A460. Gods of Abstractions (also Z110. Abstractions personified)
A461. Gods of Wisdom
A463. Gods of Fate
A463.1. the Fates, (goddesses who preside over the fates of men)
A464. Gods of Justice
A465. Gods of the Arts
A472. Gods of Sleep
A473. Gods of Wealth
A475. Gods of Love and Lust
A484. Gods of Oaths
A485. Gods of War
A486. the Furies, (goddesses of vengeance)
A487. Gods of Death
A490. Miscellaneous Gods of the Earth
A491. God of Travellers
A493. Gods of Fire
A500—A599. Demigods and Culture Heroes
A502. Heroes or demigods as fourth race of men.
A510. Origin of the culture hero (demigod).
A515.1.1. Twin culture heroes.
A521. Culture hero as dupe or trickster.
But the last one nails it for me.

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what is god afraid...

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They went out of their way to deny the creation of man from the womb, instead claiming first being molded straight out of clay. Then, the woman originating as just a piece of the molded man.

It feels good to say "god damnit!"

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