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Grove Bags - Grove Curing Bags...

Post by WhiteHotAfterburner »

Munchy wrote:
Thu Aug 19, 2021 4:16 pm
I've started using these Boveda packets for my stash,
which come in sizes from 4g to 5lb capacity, and they last up to 6 months.
I was wondering how long the Grove bags last before they stop working and require replacement?
They advertise being packet-less, but what is the benefit of that, unless they last a lot longer?
If they work for the same length of time, I'd guess that just replacing the packets
might be more cost effective than replacing the bags?

I am unfamiliar with the Boveda packets, excuse my ignorance.

Grove Bags are Heat-Sealable for long term storage.

The length of that long term storage is unknown to me at this point in time.

But, the fact that they can be heat-sealed indicates to me they're very long term.

IF I discover differently I will post it here.

I was just not interested in "Burping" jars for weeks or months....not even 1 day burping jars would be just fine with me, brother! :winky:

However, I did rescue my case of 'old' Mason Jars out from under my Niece's RV just yesterday! :winky: And, I am likely to supplement that case with another case! :winky: :grin:

Thanks for the discussion, Munch! :tup:


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