what are you watching ??

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what are you watching ??

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This one is a bit dry, I did really enjoy his diatribe. I first saw this dude on Ancient Aliens, but this docu is not that at all. I don't think I got to see the last shows or 2, as I was too cheap to pay for it.
Ancient Civilizations of North America

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What You Should Be Watching - 2021 Reno Air Races STOL Drags - Fat Tire Racing!

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Reno Air Races - STOL Drag - Sept 16-20, 2021! Fat Tire, Back Country, Bush Plane Fliers Drag Racing! :fly:


Some crowd favorites will be there - Hal Stockman, Steve Henry, Austin Clemens...etc. Some, a few, female pilots are taking part this year! :fly: :tup:

Some crowd favorites won't be there - Trent Palmer will be there but won't be racing. He's is having difficulties with his "Insurance" carrier.

Trent Palmer's FredomFox only lost to Mike Patey's DRACO (*Ultimate STOL Aircraft) the last time - High Sierra Fly-In STOL Drags.

*Ultimate STOL Aircraft before Scrappy, that is! :winky:

I don't see Scrappy on the schedule, BUT IF Mike Patey can make it there with Scrappy I'm sure he'll take part.

In Mike's latest video (well worth the view!) he's talking about Scrappy's Flight Characteristics in Testing (pre-2021 Oshkosh event). Testing Stall, he mentions SUB-30kmh (18.6mph :eek:)! He also pulls a Torque Test (with the Race Boat Propeller on it) with Scrappy - Pulling a Full Size Truck (I think a 3/4 ton, I don't remember) down through one of the hangar roads with its Parking Brake engaged! :eek:. His Supercharged Lycoming 780ci engine is making more than twice the torque of that of Mark Patey's stock Supercharged Lycoming 720ci Race Plane - with a Top End Race Propeller on it :eek:.

That latest video is filling in some gaps in the progress of Scrappy! Very interesting by itself!

As a side note; I mentioned Scrappy's unfinished Wing Tips previously. My observation was correct. Scrappy's wing tips were intentionally unfinished. He's got something planned! :fly:

Of the aircraft I searched in the current list, there is ONE Tricycle Gear aircraft STOL Dragging. At 2021 Oshkosh STOL Demonstration Flights #22 Jeff Whitely in his Cessna 175 did very well! All the rest are Tail Draggers!

Should be very interesting :fly: viewing!

See ya there - virtually! :winky:


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what are you watching ??

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It's Mindblowing How This Man Has Done The Difficult Work of Armature Rewinding

'disaster us the mother of necessity'

the intolerance of the old order is emerging from the rosy mist in which it has hitherto been obscured.

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what are you watching ??

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.: The Sun represents the right half of the body and The Moon the left half :.

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what are you watching ??

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wild ems response
id no idea

cant imagine this happens much, but hey

"disaster is the mother of necessity" rSin

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what are you watching ??

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Great more Wilderness safety net.

Would it be easy to adopt for
suicide bombers, that's a game changer.

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