let's use the chat here

After enjoying the fruits of your labors, we all need a place to chill. This is that place. Totally senseless irrelevant banter encouraged.
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let's use the chat here

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fell asleep
the intolerance of the old order is emerging from the rosy mist in which it has hitherto been obscured.

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let's use the chat here

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let's use the chat here

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hi i am in there now
My therapist says I am a habitual liar and an attention seeker, therefore nothing I say/write is true and under no circumstances should I be believed nor held accountable for anything I say. all photo's are paintings

People are born with the instinct to fight against their own death, to struggle with their last breath against even the most unavoidable and uncompromising ends.

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let's use the chat here

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Well, there's 4 of us here...might as well open it :p


let's use the chat here

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You got some ballz being up in here

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let's use the chat here

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yes sir
"disaster is the mother of necessity" rSin

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let's use the chat here

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If you're scared, go to church
.: espresso & spliffys :.

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