leto the second; conversations...

Stoner ramblings. Totally made up fictional shit that nobody means at all but is exercising their imaginations.
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leto the second; conversations...

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the lift door was moments from opening
the representative knew

summoned by the god emperor
no question

it was something of a walk from the door to the point of audience
he made it in five minutes

'you know why ive called you' said the god emperor

'i know a great many facts, your reasoning is not one of them my lord'

leto 'counter revolutionary terrorism has exploded on your world'

'what world is that my lord?'

leto 'call it that of your birth. now answer me. why'

'my lord. such terrorism exist across our old world of the imperium. is not its fact universal?'

leto 'each world has its flavor. your hear to speak for yours'

'i cannnot offer more insite your lord'

leto 'a pity as my forces are moments from ground fall. who do you think should be saved?'

'my lord, im just an expensive begger. what would you hear?'

leto 'id hear what you seem intent on taking to your grave'

'my lord, i have nothing'

leto 'not quite yet, but indeed you soon shall'
"disaster is the mother of necessity" rSin

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