what sweet cleaning technique...

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what sweet cleaning technique...

Post by rSin »

you use on the old glass?

ive seen some that just laughed at rubbing alcohol

never went further with solvents,
or buying a named product
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what sweet cleaning technique...

Post by Oldjoints »

There are several solutions that I have heard work like
Formula 420 or Orange Chronic but if you want a home solution and just doing a smaller piece take a quart and a half or 2 quart pan or whatever and fill it about half full of water put about a cup or so of isopropyl in it place your piece in and let it boil for awhile or until it boils down to the pipe. Use tongs to get it out or it will burn the hell out of you. Rinse with water, clean what little it didn’t get with a pipe cleaner or q-tips and it will sparkle like new. Cleaning it with q-tips works easier if you do it while still hot and use isopropyl.

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what sweet cleaning technique...

Post by Lrus007 »

if it is lime scale on the glass use CLR.
was only way to get bottom of roor to look
like new.
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what sweet cleaning technique...

Post by Butcher Bob »

Most of the glass folks use ISO...often.
For a built up grunge, add salt...the coarser, the better. Fill the smoking utensil aboot half way and shake, shake, shake. The ISO acts as the solvent, and the salt acts as an abrasive for heavy deposits. Some folks boil out the heavy deposits, but I always preferred the salt/ISO combo. When clean, run hot water through to get rid of the ISO smell.

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what sweet cleaning technique...

Post by roller24 »

I use throttle body and carb cleaner. Hot soapy water after. Thorough rinse. I use alcohol.too Methanol ginnins from the still also work well

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what sweet cleaning technique...

Post by webeblzr »

When we turn some of our Montmorency Cherries into jelly, part of it, is to boil the jars. We have a well, so water hardness can make ugly spots, on the jars, or in the pot. A 1/2 cup of 5% vinegar, makes them non existent.
So when I clean glass, I add some some vinegar with isopropyl, does the trick. To much built up shit on it, throw a table spoon of chunk salt, after it soaks a while, then shaking it rubs a lot of the build off.

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