vivid dream girl...

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vivid dream girl...

Post by bentech »

had just gotten back into colorado
and before id even unpacked
met this girls who invited me home

im somewhat old fashioned
prefer being in love with the girls i sleep with

the flirt was heavy

she sayd 'you never met a guy who can go 48 hours'

'almost never' was my reply

she had a serious bar set up on a shelf under her coffee table
asked me what i wanted

i said id die for a heirloom tomato, but i will drink most anything

its started with a white russia
which i never order

then she pulled back a curtain to reveal a windowbox garden
and damn but if she didnt pick me a heirloom right there

salt shacker?

had an appointment to keep getting my new rooms key
and she had work
so we said goodbye till next time

as i left i though, got to look up stephanie now that im back in town

and i realized i couldnt remember if she was real person

or someone id only dreamt about...
"we must strive to become good ancestors" nader

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