Germination problem

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Germination problem

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Please help me!
It is already third time i try to germinate seeds but i failed.
the problem is, that more then 10 days ago i installed the seeds in peat pallets, I put the pallets in the cup ( half in the water) in dark place, but it doesnt germinate, i opened the pallet and as you see- it has a root, but i dont anderstand why it is not coming out,
could anyone help me?

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Germination problem

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Welcome to our humble site. :)
kovzi wrote:...I put the pallets in the cup ( half in the water)...
You are drowning them. The pellet should be moist, not soaked. By placing it in water, that allows the pellet to wick up the water and become soaked. There needs to be some air in the pellets because roots need some oxygen to function. Use pea gravel or perlite or something similar, to keep the pellets above the water level.

There could be other factors as well, but that is the most obvious thing I noticed in your post. Hopefully that is enough to help you get healthy sprouts to pop up.

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