fuck ya! way to go!!!

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fuck ya! way to go!!!

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bentech wrote:BAD move...

As long as they stay inside the tent, pissing out.........


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fuck ya! way to go!!!

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Gah! man i hate it every time that picture comes up.

I love it so much that statue of liberty.

My Sex Pychiatristess says I'm conflicted and I should confess my sins.

Ok here goes

Is that a male Feminine face?: with hairy head..

that red arm ... gasp do I want it that far up my .... internal expelling canal?

I think I'm in love with those perfect breasts but not sure If I can EXPLETIVE DELETED it or not.

So this is like your government is unarmed to give you a courteous rub around.
Just because I can't spell misanthrope doesn't mean I'm completely stupid.

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